Has the City considered adding fluoride to our drinking water?

The topic has come up in the past, but Orem has decided to not fluoridate its drinking water. Because we don't have a secondary supply, we would be treating all water used in Orem (on lawns, washing cars, etc.).

Orem City recently sent out a letter for sewer service line repair coverage insurance. Is Orem City recommending that homeowners purchase this insurance or is the city fixing these in the older homes for no cost to then homeowner?

The homeowner has always been responsible for the lateral connecting the home to our public sewer/water systems. The water lateral goes from the meter to the home, and the sewer lateral goes form the connection (typically in the street) to the home. The coverage is completely optional. We worked with a private company to get the residents the lowest rates possible with the best coverage possible. We regularly get calls from residents who have had a break in their lateral and didn't know it was their responsibility. These fixes can be thousands of dollars. We wanted to proactively educate our residents. You can learn more about this at this website. https://www.slwofa.com/

With all the issues in other parts of the country about lead in the drinking water, do we have concerns like that here?

We have our water system and water quality routinely tested. We have had no lead concerns, or even any close calls. We will continually monitor the health and safety of the water. The results are part of our annual consumer confidence report published each year and found here http://orem.org/pdf/pw/water/water_quality_report_2014.pdf

Are there any plans of adding a monitor for pharmaceuticals in the water supply? I've been reading about how it's becoming a concern in other areas of the world.

The EPA currently doesn't require testing for pharmaceuticals. The issue is mostly related to sewer treatment. If at any time we have concerns or are required to test we will be very quick to respond. Our drinking water sources are considered "pristine" sources. Great question though!

Can you explain the relationship we have with neighboring cities to provide water/sewer services? How does that impact utility rates for Orem residents?

We currently provide wholesale drinking water to part of Vineyard. We also provide sewer treatment to a small part of Vineyard and all of Lindon. The costs to provide these services are passed on to the respective communities 100%, with an administration fee to help cover the overhead costs of this service. Utility rates in Orem take care of Orem utility needs. With the economies of scale that come from providing services to neighboring communities, there are some savings to Orem rate payers. There is absolutely no subsidization of our customers in other communities. If we need to improve our infrastructure to service them, they pay their respective share of the cost.