City ordinance, Article 9-4, requires that all home and business alarm systems in the city have a permit. Permits are issued free of charge by the Orem Police Department.

You can apply for an Alarm Permit online.

Fees associated with the ordinance are imposed on the home or business owner beginning with the fourth (4th) false alarm reported to the department within a calendar year.

The fee schedule is as follows:
First three false alarmsNo charge
Fourth false alarm$50.00
Fifth false alarm$75.00
Sixth through ninth false alarms – $100.00
Tenth and all subsequent false alarms$200.00

Alarm owner responsibilities are:

  1. Complete an Alarm Permit Application Form
  2. Post the permit stickers when they are received them on or near the alarm control board and near the front door
  3. Provide the Police with names of responsible key holders living close to the alarm site who can respond to the home or business within 30 minutes when requested
  4. Keep the Police advised of changes in information regarding the alarm system, responsible parties, etc.

More detailed information can be found here.