Jury trials are scheduled about once a month. Jurors are selected from a pool of citizens throughout Utah County.

Notification and Appearance
When a jury is required, the court will send out a jury notification letter to those that have been selected about two weeks before the hearing. In the letter, those selected are instructed to call back (to the court) after 5:30 the night before the jury trial to listen to a recording to see if the jury trial has settled or if they still need to appear.

To Be Excused
If you need to be excused from jury duty, only the judge can excuse you. To request to be excused, send an email to court@orem.org explaining why, along with proof of why, you cannot attend (e.g. doctor appointment, flight itinerary, etc) so the Judge can review it.

For information on the qualification process, you can visit: https://www.utcourts.gov/juryroom/ Many of the courts allow jurors to qualify online which you can do at this same website. This website also has a good FAQ section for jurors.