Can you tell us the plan for 800 East by the mall? With all of the apartments going up right there, there has to be some plan to expand 800 East. Any insights you can give us?

The Transportation Master Plan calls for widening the entire 800 East up to 5 lanes. The next phase of that would be from 800 S to Center St. However, we aren't eligible for federal funds (which is how most of these major projects are paid for). As of now, we won't be able to receive the funding for about 20 years. However, we have people working with both the State and in DC to help them understand our needs to see if we can get the money much sooner than 20 years. Widening 800 E helps people access other connections to the freeway (Center St., 800 N, and 1600 N.)

Are the lights on University Parkway synced with each other to allow cars to pass through several intersections on green lights at a time?

We are subject to the instructions from UDOT. They contract us to program the signals, but UDOT decides how they are to be programmed. There is a science to it, albeit a little different than what you are referring to. Please contact Taylor Forbush (he programs the lights). He would be happy to chat with you. His number is 801-229-7502 or you can reach him by email:

I’d like to know more about the expansion of bike lanes on State Street. There's a plan to continue the lane from Lindon down to 800 North. When might that be implemented? Could it be a buffered or protected bike lane to help encourage the less-confident residents that currently don't cycle due to safety concerns?

Our State Street Master plan does bring it down from Lindon to 800 N (as you referenced). They are currently in the evaluation process and will be contacting businesses and property owners along State St. Our State Street Plan didn't call for it further because south of 800 N there is a larger cluster of businesses that rely on the on-street parking. There are a lot of vehicles turning right and left up and down State Street which will continue to cause issues with bicyclist that want to be shielded from the traffic. Your best contact about bike lanes is Brandon Stocksdale. He would be happy to speak about this further. You can reach him at 801-229-7055 or by email:

Are there any plans to convert some of Orem's more dangerous or crowded residential intersections to roundabouts?

Yes. We are looking to put in some full-size roundabouts. We are also looking at "traffic circles" which are like mini roundabouts. Each of those are put in based on the traffic counts. The "traffic circles" have been shown to move traffic more efficiently and reduce accidents.

Will there ever be a FrontRunner stop put in at 1600 N?

The approved stop on FrontRunner is for 800 N in Vineyard. That is where UVU has purchased over 200 acres for future campus expansion. So it is closer than you currently have it, but not right on 1600 N.

Other than half off UTA fares with a disability pass, what transportation options are available for adults with disabilities that prevent them from driving (because UTA routes and times are limited)?

UTA does have paratransit services available. UTA may also have other services that I am not aware of. You can check on those services here:

I’d like to know more about the Bus Rapid Transit project.

This is a project we have been actively working on since 2008. We are excited for the project to move forward. The first construction phase will happen in Orem and Provo (along the diagonal) to increase traffic lanes. One of the reasons I am most excited it that this entire project looks at many different forms of transportation to 1) add additional driving lanes, 2) have a dedicated bus lanes to significant add capacity to University Parkway and other roads in Provo, and 3) to separate the sidewalk from the curb in areas that we can. This is all done without raising taxes on anyone. We can only widen roads so many times, at some point we need to make those roads capable of carrying more people.

What are the chances of getting a stop sign in a residential neighborhood changed to yield signs? Who would one talk to about looking into that on a certain intersection?

Keith Larsen, our traffic operations engineer, is the best contact. His phone number is 801-229-7518 or He can speak to all of the requirements and rules surrounding this.

What about having the FrontRunner run on Sunday's?

UTA has complete control over that, but it is something to be considered! The contact there is Ken Anson at 801-227-8957 (