Unfortunately, glass CANNOT be put in your curbside reycling bin at home.

The City of Orem has provided a glass recycling bin for anyone to use at Orem Public Works (1450 W 550 N).

The bin is located in north-east corner of the Public Works employee parking lot. DO NOT take your recycling into the Public Works building as you will be directed to the glass bin in the parking lot.

The map below shows the location of the glass recycling bin in relation to the Public Works Building.

The Glass Recycling Bin is in the Northeast Corner of the Public Works Parking Lot

550 N 1450 W Orem, UT

Good Types of Glass (Recyclable)

Clear (Flint) Glass

About 61% of glass containers produced in the United States are clear. Clear glass is made of a combination of silica (sand), soda ash, and limestone.

Brown (Amber) Glass

About 31% of glass containers produced are brown in color. To produce brown glass, the manufacturer adds nickel, sulfur, and carbon to molten glass. The “brown” cannot be taken out, so recycled brown bottles are used to make new brown bottles.

Green (Emerald) Glass

Only about 7% of glass containers produced are green in color. To make green glass, the manufacturer adds iron, chromium or copper to molten glass. Just like with brown bottles, the green cannot be removed and so green bottles are recycled to make new green bottles.