To obtain an Orem Public Library account you must:

Be 18 years old with a current government, school or employer issued photo ID that includes your full name and have proof of residence with your name on it (see below)

Reside in Orem or Provo (Non-Residents may purchase a non-resident card. Some cities will give a partial reimbursement.)

When you come to the library: Provide government, school, or employer issued ID with your full name and proof of your current residence. For proof of residence we can accept a current driver’s license, current utility bill, current checking account statement (not checkbook), current rental or homeowners receipt or agreement, or we may consider 2 pieces of other current business mail (no personal or form mail). (If under 18, your parent or legal guardian must be present with their photo ID, proof of residence, and library card.) Children 5 and older can get a card, if their legal guardian has a clear library account.

Call the Circulation Desk at 801-229-7034 for more information.